Wedding Challenge – the Finale

In addition to making dresses to wear to each of the weddings in the Anzell Wedding trifecta, I was also lucky enough to get to make some special touches for each wedding.

Wedding #1

For those of you that don’t know me well, in a previous life, I had a business designing bridal headpieces and veils. I learned to make them at a part time job in college, and then friends and family started asking me to make veils and headpieces for them. I shifted to focus more on clothing design, but still make them for friends and family. So, it was a given, when Sarah asked me to make a headpiece for her.

She had a Gatsby-esque theme for her wedding, so a 20’s, flapper style headband would be a perfect compliment to her dress and theme. I had the idea of using vintage broaches and earrings as the components of the piece. This lead me on a fun scavenger hunt in antique stores around town (something I love to do anyway!). Once I had a stash of broaches, earrings, and buttons, it was a sparkly, bling-y jig-saw puzzle fitting them together on a piece of grosgrain ribbon. We added a small french tulle, bird cage veil to complete the look. I absolutely loved the way it turned out, especially the pink bee pin for a quirky pop of color. You can’t tell from the pictures, but it was so sparkly!

Wedding #2 

I got to help finish off a super cute flower girl’s outfit with a satin sash. The bride had a country casual theme with a lot of burlap touches. I found several styles of burlap flowers to add to the sash. The rose was the perfect proportion, and a unique touch.

Wedding #3

The final wedding brought a unique challenge. I was asked to help the groom and groomsmen finish off their outfits with custom bow ties. I’ve never sewn a bow tie or even a neck tie, but was able to find a pattern online (got to love the interwebs). The bride and groom and I took a little shopping trip and found some cotton fabric in a fun print. We actually picked two prints and made the ties double sided. In all, I made 11 ties, plus one baby tie! All the gents looked very dapper.

Even Teddy got a tie!

Stay tuned for the first Project Swatch Challenge!

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