Wedding Challenge #3

I had big plans for the last dress for the final wedding of the Anzell Wedding trifecta. But, I’ll be honest with you, by the time it came around, I was pretty exhausted, and ended up not having much time. There was only four weeks between wedding #2 and #3, which got squeezed down to two weeks, because I threw a party in that time period, which took up time planning.

The revised plan required a simple silhouette. I went back to Dior for inspiration.

I was really drawn to the idea of wearing pants. I think they can bring an edgy feel to an after-five outfit. But, because I’m not big on strapless, I added a full, but sheer bodice for more coverage.

I had envisioned an embellished fabric for this dress, since the silhouette was simple. But, the fabric I was thinking of using, ended up being a chiffon (it had been a while since I saw it at the fabric store, and my memory was fuzzy), which would be too soft to hold the shape of the peplum.  Bit of a set back, but thankfully, I found a more appropriate organza fabric fairly quickly, and it had a cool, beaded grid pattern.

One inconvenient thing about sewing by yourself, is trying to measure lengths of pants, skirts, etc. I wanted the peplum to fall mid-thigh, but some how with my measurements, it ended up falling just at the knee. Now, I could have easily just cut it shorter to get the look I wanted, but as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I was exhausted (and running out of time). I ended up deciding to wear it as a dress, without the pants.












I was still happy with the final design. Who knows, maybe you’ll see this one again as the shorter version!

Next week, a short feature on some of accessories I designed for each wedding.

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