Cocktail Hour – Cran-ginger Fizz

Sip this…….

Cran Ginger FizzI chose this cocktail this week, because it’s colorful and fizzy, great for a holiday celebration. But, at the same time is light and citrusy, which pairs well with heavy, decadent treats and meals. Happy holidays!!

Cran-ginger Fizz

based on a recipe from Creative Culinary

2 oz of cranberry juice

Slice of orange

Slice of lemon

1 oz of simple syrup

2 oz of gin

Ginger Ale

Mint for garnish

Add ice to a glass, pour in cranberry juice. In a shaker, add orange and lemon slices, and simple syrup, and muddle. Add in gin and let steep for 5 minutes.. Strain into glass. Top with ginger ale. Enjoy!

Wear this…..

Cocktail Hour - Cran-Ginger Fizz



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