Fall Crave Piece – Dior Patent Boot

During the Fall Shows in February, I spied this incredibly puzzling  piece of leg wear at the Dior show.


Are they extremely thigh high boots or are they pants that are also shoes? Who knows, but they were kind of amazing (in my opinion).

They also showed an ankle boot version, which is great for those of us who can’t or shouldn’t attempt a thigh high patent shoe pant.


Do you see the acrylic heel? Gah!!

Since Dior doesn’t publish their prices, and it’s likely that these boots are more than my mortgage payment, they might remain just a fabulous image on a Pinterest board. However, since I am the type of person that won’t rest until I can replicate a look that I’m obsessed with, I was overjoyed to find that our favorite low cost but high fashion purveyor, Zara was peddling a version of this delicious patent acrylic concoction.


Stay tuned to see how I style these beauties!

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