Vintage Baggage

No, this isn’t a post about some deep-seated drama that I can’t let go of, don’t worry.  But it is about a deep-seated love of vintage luggage.  You know, those hard sided Samsonites and American Touristors in a rainbow of colors.  You can just imagine, well-suited ladies in their hats and gloves boarding their flight with their hard-sided train cases.

10348187_888261737855307_1178911583449843644_nI am in between two spring trips, and all the packing has brought up a regretful twinge that I am unable to use this super fun piece of luggage that I found last summer.  I stumbled upon this pristine piece from the Tiara series by American Touristor in an antique store during a summer road trip.  I couldn’t pass it up, and it was a steal (I think I paid less than $30 for it).

The cheery red color, and the unconventional (for this day and age) shape makes it so very chic and sophisticated.  It makes me think of my Malibu Barbie carrying it as she boards a Pan Am flight across the Atlantic to be transformed into Parisian Barbie.  10429466_888260987855382_2133377387920278258_n




To make it even more legit, Carrie Bradshaw carried a similar piece in the second Sex in the City movie.







Alas, its size is not conducive to overhead storage.  I could check it, but lately, I’ve become a very efficient traveler and checking luggage is not ideal.  So, it may end up being relegated to car and road trips, just how I found it.

Stay tuned to see what adventures await it!

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