Project Design Continued

Many of  you may have been wondering what I’ve been up to for the last six months since I feel off the blogging bandwagon.  You may remember this post from this time last year about getting back into sewing and designing.  And, also this post from September, where I stocked up on fabric for my projects. That pile of fabric sat for a while.  I decided to take a break from blogging so I could focus  solely on finding inspiration, sketching, and re-learning patterning drafting.

With the invigoration of spring, I shook of the winter doldrums, and got back to sharing with you my musings on fashion.   Now, I want to start sharing with you how I’ve been using up my fabric stash.

I started with a beautiful navy and gray stripped chenille shot through with a gold thread.  There were a few ideas; initially using it in a dress, then perhaps a top framed by leather.


Finally, deciding on a skirt.  The initial thought was a midi-length skirt with a self-fabric waistband.


It was an interesting process, putting this skirt together,  since I drafted my own patterned.  I hadn’t initially thought about matching the strips, but it was necessary since it’s a dominate pattern. Because of this, it turned out I didn’t have enough fabric.  Yikes!  I decided to sleep on this problem to figure what to do (always a good lesson to learn).   I woke up the next morning with the idea to use 3″ elastic for the waistband (instead of fabric).  It would give the skirt a more modern, casual look.  And, the skirt would just have to be shorter.  In the end, they were both the right decision.



What do you think?  Stay tuned for more designs!


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