Just a Minor Obsession

IMG_0914_thumb.jpgYou may remember my post a few weeks ago about this recent acquisition.

I must admit, this has started a bit of obsession with a number of other bags.  Now, I will say, I’ve always been a bit of a bag “whore”.   I’ve always had an excessive amount of purses in my closet, and tended to switch them out frequently.  My tastes in bags have changed a lot over the last 20 years.  I used to go for the very quirky and weird bags (funky shapes, patterns, colors), but noticed over the years that they started to not work for my life, as my career progressed.  I also went through a “large” bag phase, as well.  But, the pain in my neck and shoulder told me I needed to cn8992637pare it down a little.

It seemed for a while, though, that I was uninspired by the handbag choices available.  I would go out to find a new addition, but nothing was piquing my fancy.  I had a collection of bags that I was happy with, so I got into a little style rut.

Until I found the black L.K. Bennett bag, and then I was flooded with several beautiful and irresistible choices.  After the black bag, I found this great crossbody bag from Banana Republic.  I was in need a new crossbody to take on an upcoming trip.

I also found a great satchel by Olivia & Joy at T.J. Maxx, which had plenty of room to stash stuff and had a shoulder strap to make it easy to carry.

Then, I found these two lovely bags from Zara.

4131004040_1_1_1 4063004060_1_1_1

I did restrain myself on the Zara bags, because I’ve been making some other spring purchases.  But, if they are still in stock in a month or so, they may be added to my collection.

*P.S. If you haven’t noticed, I have a “thing” for animal skin.

A note about my collection of bags, I did decide to let go of my entire collection with the exception of a few pieces.  They all went to a few good homes, where I know they will enjoy another life. I feel like I’ve simplified my choices, and have only held on to ones that I really love.

So, are you a bag collector?  Any inspiring pieces caught your attention this spring?

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