Project Design 2014–Piece #3 Sneak Peek


The inspiration for this next piece came from my best friend, Susan.  We were perusing my fabric stash, and I was concerned that this fabric was no longer relevant.  I’ve had it for several years, and was going to make PD piece #2 with a full skirt in it.  Susan took one look at it, and suggested the only thing to do with it was a bathing suit cover-up, only for the fact that to her lining it would be a pain in the ass. 

While lining a garment is not a big deal to me, making a cover-up was a genius suggestion.  Fast and easy.  The texture of the fabric lent itself best to a basic trapeze shape.  So, I did a quick sketch.


This is coming together pretty quickly.  As I’m sewing this piece, I am really happy I decided to go this route.  This fabric is not easy to sew.  It’s slippery, and hard to line up due to the pleating.  I had just enough pieces of fabric to put this together, but I’m a little concerned about the length.  I’ll be hemming it this we’ll see how it goes. 

Stay tuned.

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