Weekly Recap

I’ve been a little busy with a couple other projects (more on that to come) to post what I’ve been wearing. But, I have been still taking pictures, so, I thought I’d summary last week here.

April showers have certainly been personified in the last couple of weeks. It seems like it’s raining and gloomy every day. I think we will reap the benefits with beautiful May flowers (sorry for the rhymes, I can’t help it 😉 ), but it hasn’t been inspirational in the wardrobe deparment.

It’s barely making it into the 60’s temp-wise, so wearing skirts and dresses is a little tough. It’s too warm for tights, and still a little too cold for bare legs. So, we’re stretching the pants wardrobe, trying to add in some shorter spring versions. You may notice that the footwear is now completely transitioned to flats from boots. And you’ll notice the absence of accessories, as well. Very uninspiring.

I did have some fun last Thursday. On a particularly rainy day, I decided to bust out my rainboots. I took a long time deciding on these boots from among many colors and patterns, but I’m happy with my choice.

Ok, let’s see how this week goes….

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