Cute, comfy, casual

Started the week in dresses ending the week in something more casual. Here’s a couple examples of transition casual looks. (Note: I did end up layering a cardigan over these during the day. Never underestimate the power basic cardigan. As long as it’s the right proportion, weight, and tone for the outfit, it’s great to have on hand when you get a little chill)

First look: this is the way to transition cords into spring, by pairing them with a lighter top. The blousy plaid top is layered over a trusty tank, and silver flats add a little pop.

Second look: wanted to wear my new boyfriend jeans from Eddie Bauer (yes, I realy do shop there). SUPER COMFORTABLE! Love this little purple sweater. Good sleeve length, nice bright color, good light weight. Great with a pair of jeans, as in this case. The silver flats are back.

What does your casual comfy outfit look like?

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