Spring Cleaning Fling

Well not so much a fling, but there was definitely some cleaning going on. Once I got the closet back in place, I was struck with an overwhelming feeling of having way too much stuff around the rest of the house. My OCD kicked into gear, and I had organize and purge my closets on the first floor.

First up was my guestroom closet. I was previously storing all of my totes/purses, with pretty much no room left for a guest to hang anything. So, I gave away a few bags, and as you saw in my previous post, the remaining bags are now stored upstairs. Now, there is plenty of room for guests to hang anything they need to, with storage for just a couple pieces of luggage.

Guest closet with plenty of room

Next up was my bedroom. The closet and dresser got a little tidying up, got rid of a few things, but the overall layout didn’t change. Then I hit the jewelry box, and straighten things up. I found this super cool hanging jewelry organizer by Real Simple that I installed in the bedroom closet. It has a variety of pocket sizes, plus loops for hanging necklaces. It’s double sided, and it has detachable jewelry roll for travel. Really like it.

Love this

Once I relocated some accessories to the new hanging organizer, I rearranged things in my jewelry case. This is my favorite so far. Love looking at all my bling lined up.

And these are the casualties of the purge off to a better home.

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