March Weather Madness

Although March is the birth month of many great people (ahem 😉 ), the weather is notoriously chaotic. This makes it challenging getting dressed during this time of year. So, you’re going to see a lot transitional outfits over the next few weeks. Some days will be more spring feeling, some more wintery, and some in between. I’m transitioning in more flats and heels instead of boots, and layering lighter tops with jackets vs. sweaters.

Today was milder, probably in the 50’s. I was expecting it to get into the 60’s, but it never made it. I was originally going to wear a pair of khakis, but these light pink cropped pants caught my eye, and I decided pull them out. I really like these pants. The cotton is soft, and they’re really comfortable, and the pink is sutble enough to not be over-powering.
I paired the pants with this short sleeved black cotton wrap jacket layered over an embellished black tee. (I have to admit I got chilled half way through the day, so I ended up layering a black cardigan over the jacket).

The charcoal gray flats are new (Liz Claiborne from DSW). They’re super comfortable. And, the silver hardware embellishment and pleating detail are interesting and different. Silver jewelry finish off the look.

Up next, snow is predicted…….

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