Ding Dong the Week is Dead

Seems like time is flying by. We are already at the end of March. At the same time, though, I feel like we are in a state of suspended animation. The weather refusing to budge it’s way into Spring with the death grip of winter still clinging on. But, thankfully, the weekend is upon us, and I’m looking forward to a fun weekend with family and friends.

This is the 30th outfit I’ve featured on the blog, so I feel like I’ve crossed a milestone. šŸ™‚

I feel like this weather is messing with my mind. I keep thinking about outfits with fun spring stuff each morning, but the reality is it’s still too cold out, so it’s been a bit of a challenge.

I’ve been thinking about this t-shirt for a few days. I was going to wear it with yesterday’s pants but since it was cold yesterday, decided on the black sweater. So, today, I wanted to try and figure out how make the t-shirt work. The secret ended up being layering a tank underneath. Also, I was originally going to wear a shorter sleeved, lighter sweater, but ended up deciding on this navy and gray one with longer sleeves and a little heavier. Vera Wang jeans (because I’m addicted), and the Liz Claiborne flats are back (very comfortable!).

Enjoy the weekend!

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