Mid-Week Memorandum

I’ve been sick. For almost a week. It sucks. I hate not having the energy or motivation to do all the things I want to do. It also makes it challenging to want to look your best every day. I can tell I’m starting to feel better, since I’ve been pushing myself this week to post every day (and it seems that my writer’s block and lack of inspiration has evaporated).

As I’ve been looking through my closet this week, I’m feeling two things. 1) I’m itching to renovate it. I hate the sliding doors. They’re heavy and keep falling off the tracks. The inside really needs to be painted, and I’m running out of room for my shoes (and that IS a problem). 2) I’m missing all my cute warm weather clothes .

Anyway, as I was purusing the closet this morning, I saw these pants and realized that I haven’t worn them since the holidays. Which is a shame, becasue I really like these pants. They’re super comfortable. I toyed with wearing a blue knit cowl with them, but I’m not crazy about how a jacket or a sweater looks layer over it. So, I just decided on the black turtleneck (which is my favorite anyway). I like wearing the short boots with these pants, since it creates a retro feel. The silver brooch creates a focal point.

(*check out the pics from my new camera!)

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