Friday Friday Friday

SO happy it’s Friday!! It’s been a long week (or what seems like a long week).

I was looking through all my outfits in the last four weeks, and I am noticing a trend. I’m wearing a similar version of today’s outfit at least one a week. But, it’s so comfortable, and honestly, boots in winter are the equivalent of flip flops in the summer, a basic seasonal staple. Just got to be careful it doesn’t start sliding into two and three days a week.

This week’s version consists of the lighter wash Vera Wang skinny jeans, and another fun t-shirt from Banana Republic. This one is charcoal with a pink bow design (it also has black tulle bows sewn on sporadically, which gives it some texture), and it’s layered over a black longer sleeved tee. Black boots are back and simple silver jewelry.

Enjoy the weekend!

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