Baby It’s Cold Outside

It has been a very snowy, cold winter this year, but just between you and me, the winter of 2008 was much worse. If memory serves me correct, weather-wise , 2008 wasn’t horrible, but I remember being cold and miserable the entire season. Why was this, you might ask? My winter wardrobe was severely lacking. I didn’t really have any sweaters to speak of. My only tall boots were high heeled. My “all-weather” boots were only ankle high, and not really warm. I had a couple of warm jackets/coats, but hats gloves and scarves were lacking.

I’m not really sure why my winter wardrobe was in such dire straits, since I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life. I should be used to cold winter months. Maybe the winters hadn’t been as severe as they were beginning to get. So, in 2009, I began my mission to stay warm. Here are the key pieces I’ve added to up the warmth factor.

Let’s start with sweaters….

Cozy Cable Sweaters

Great for layering under jackets and other sweaters

For bottoms, I don’t really have seasonal pieces, except my ultimate new favorite pair of jeans…..the Eddie Bauer flannel lined jeans! It’s like wearing your pjs under your jeans without the bulkiness, and as my Dad can attest to (he has a pair too!), they are super warm.

The real pajama jeans

As for footwear, you know that I’ve boosted my boot warbrode from my Das Boots post last fall. I also got a better pair of all weather boots (although I’d love to have a pair of BareTraps or Sorrels. They are next on the list). You may have also noticed in the photo above, the old school black oxfords. I’m glad I saved them for so long, they’ve been great to wear instead of boots.

Boots with the Fur

Moving on to outerwear, I’m so thankful to have been able to add this brown “puffy” coat to my closet this year. It was a super steal for $80 on Black Friday. I had a shorter waist length down jacket, but this one falls mid-thigh and has a double zipper closure to really provide more warmth. The purple coat is a Target special, and to be honest, not very warm, but you can’t deny that it’s very cute! I also found some fun hats and scarves, and these great suede gloves from Kohls.

Down Heaven with a fun teal knit hat
More Military but with a feminine ruffle
Nice Heavy Gloves

So, how have you been staying warm this winter?

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