OCD Confession Part 1

Here’s the thing, I’m addicted to purses. So much so, my brother calls me a “purse whore” (that’s ok, I call him a “watch whore”, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post). Anyway, I can never resist a shiny, new purse with sparkling hardware. Mind you, I don’t need a new purse. My purses never really wear out, but it’s kind of like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. With every new purse is the promise of a more organized, productive stylish life.

I used to buy all kinds of purses, the funkier the better. Weird shapes, weird materials, prints, etc. But, then I’d find that they just didn’t ‘work’ in real life. So, now, I’m much more particular with the purses I decide to add to my collection. This is where the OCD part comes in. It has to ‘work’, meaning, it has to have enough room for everything I want to carry without bulging out (I hate purses so overstuffed that they lose their shape). It has to be easy to get to everything. The closures can’t make it too difficult to get in the purse, but enough so that everything doesn’t spill out. If it’s not leather, it can’t feel like plastic. The straps have to be long enough to get my arm through even with a winter coat on, and sit comfortably on my shoulder (yes, so what I’m saying is I prefer shoulder bags. I love, love, love handbags, but honestly, they just aren’t practical for everyday use, so I reserve them for special occasions). Phew, I know, and I haven’t even gotten to color yet. Let’s just say I rarely buy neutral colors, and I prefer purses with some shine to them, and the bigger the hardware, the better.

Ok, here are some of my favs. I do try swap them out every once in a while, because they are all great, and they shouldn’t be relegated to the closet, once the next new beautiful purse has come home. I can’t tell you how much I love the black Franco Sarto. The texture of the leather and the big hardware screams ‘biker’. It’s like a leather jacket and motorcycle parts thrown together to create a purse. I’ve also become enamored of the cross body style. It’s awesome when out shopping (for new purses??), because it frees your arms up. This purple one is also a Franco Sarto. Both the black and purple even came with their own umbrella (insert self-satisfied smirk here – Susan 🙂 ) !

Recently, I acquired these vintage purses. They are totally funky and super fun. The beige one will be great next summer, and the patent one for the upcoming holidays. Not sure, but I’ll figure out how to work them in with my wardrobe.

Sigh, I feel a new obsession starting. I don’t even want to talk about my wallets. We’ll save that for another time.

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  1. OK, without saying too much, I think you are really going to like how the laptop bag is going to look!

    Also, I love a handbag, but only if I’m going somewhere that I can’t lose it! Like just to dinner.

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