The 30 day shopping hiatus was suspended this weekend, and I got my “shop” on! Nancy and I pulled one of our 12 hour marathon shopping trips, and I refreshed the wardrobe with some new pieces for fall. It was a good weekend to shop; most retailers were running a lot of sales. We had scored coupons to most places we stopped, so the only thing I paid full price for was make-up.

I stocked up mostly on tops; casual knit, a couple sweaters, a button down that I had seen on Girls’ Weekend for half –off!, and two fun “Shelly” tops. I scored a pair of pants in, hello, a size 8!, and a very fun sweater jumper dress. Of course, I also picked up a couple pairs of shoes.

A dress, of course!
Tops, Tops, and More Tops
Size 8!!
Love, Love, Love!

Since our weekend bender, I’m re-thinking the next 30 day hiatus. I feel a little like a shopping bulimic, and I just had a giant binge session. I’m not saying that I’m going to be out shopping every day, but you know…….everything in moderation. 🙂

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